Today we are going to explain to you why lighter wheels are good for your car. First, let us look at current automobile industries and you can see that all the medium to high-end cars are all fitted with Alloy Wheels and only the low end cars are fitted with disc wheels.

Alloy wheels are lighter but at the same time, they are also strong enough to bear the weight of the car; this enables the car to improve its responsiveness to the command which enable faster acceleration, braking and also provides more stability in the curves. For Large vehicles, lighter wheels may not amount to much but for smaller vehicles especially those used for racing, the lighter wheel weight will improve the performance considerably. Lighter wheel weight also reduces the consumption of Gasoline.

Lenso wheel has taken this issue into consideration and answer the market demand by introducing its Flow-Forming wheels into the market. Flow forming wheels are wheels which are cast using the Flow-Forming Method instead of the “Low Pressure Casting” which is used to manufacture normal OEM and After-Market alloy wheels. Flow-Forming wheels are around 30% lighter than the general alloy wheels available in the market. Flow-Forming wheels strength and lightness are widely acceptable among International Motorsport enthusiasts; it offers quicker acceleration, faster breaking power, and more agile handling.

Lenso Flow-Forming Wheels are available in the market under 2 series.

1. Venom Series (From Venom 0 to Venom 5) 2. Project-D Series – D1SF wheel

Lenso Flow-Forming Wheels are mainly focused on passenger cars with only the Venom 5 focusing on 4x4 and pick-up trucks.

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