We are back again with useful information that we would like to impart to our fans.

We are sure that many people wonders whether bigger wheels are better than small wheels, or which provides more fuel efficiency, or bigger wheels are just for show and don’t serve any other purposes. Well, we now have an answer for you.

Below are the details on different aspect of driving when it comes to wheel size selection.

  • 1. Speed: People might think that, the bigger the wheels the better the car will be in terms of speed. But in reality, whether you drive at 100, 120, or 160 km/hrs. The acceleration and speed depends on the engine of the car as well as its weight. So the same car will accelerate faster with a small wheel due to the lighter weight.
  • 2. Fuel efficiency: Smaller wheel will provide you a better fuel efficiency than larger wheels but the differences are minute and the efficiency average at just 0.08 km/liter per reduction in 1 size.
  • 3. Control: Bigger wheel doesn’t mean better control. Putting on wheel sizes larger than the OEM size will results in a wider turn radius and increased difficulties in controlling the car due the heavier wheels. Forged wheel of larger might be an exception to this problem due to its lighter weight.
  • 4. Breaking: For breakage, the larger wheel does have an advantage due to its heavier weight making the breaking distance shorter.
  • 5. Shock Absorption: Smaller wheel does have an advantage in this aspect. This is because smaller wheels are able to absorb the shock better than the larger wheel but this only applies mainly on the normal road. For uneven road, smaller wheel will have more difficult in controlling the car due to the thicker tyre making the wheel more bouncy.

To conclude, smaller wheel or larger wheel all depends on the preference of the driver. Changing from smaller wheel to larger wheel doesn’t really improve the performance of the car by much. You will also have to pay more by changing both the wheel and tyre. So if you really want to improve the performance of the car, it is better to buy the same size wheel which is lighter in weight; this will both increase the car performance in terms of acceleration as well as increase the fuel efficiency. If you really want to move to a larger wheel, then go for the “Forged Wheel” which is lighter in weight but much more expensive.

We hope you have benefited from the information we provided you.

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