There are several ways to produce an alloy wheel, ranging from a conventional “Gravity Casting” technique widely used among price conscious producer, given that it is easy to produce at a lower cost and able to create a complex form with ease. However, there is a limitation in its nature. This technique is prone to have air residue in the core resulting in the brittleness and crack under high load.

Most OEM wheels that come with a new car are opted with the higher manufacturing technique called “Low Pressure Casting”, a typical technique that we also use in our facility. The melted alloy is pushed up into the mold cavity with the increasing of air pressure. This technique produces less air residue and is able to create a complex form with a higher strength yet lighter but with a higher cost comparing to that of gravity casting.

Among all techniques, the one that yields the strongest and lightest wheel is the “Forging Technique”, which is similar to the process of producing a sword. The heated metal is formed under high pressure and the process leaves no air residue inside, which contributes to the highest strength to weight ratio. However, there are limitations to the process and that is it is unsuitable for creating a complex form; and the production cost is extremely high. This technique only suits a car with no compromise.

Fortunately, there is an intermediate technique that blends the strength of Forging to the cost of Low Pressure Casting; this process is called “Flow Forming Technology”. Flow Forming was initially designed for creating nose cone on jet aircraft and missile; this technique applies a tremendous force using rollers on a spinning barrel of a pre-form “half-width” casted wheel over a mandrel. The force would deform the shape of the barrel both axially lengthen and radially thinning which then transforms the wheel into a “Full-Width” final form. The result is the strength and lightness of the Forged wheel in the barrel area which contributes to around 40% of the net weight that improves the performance of the wheel immensely while still offer an affordable price.

The new Venom Series is produced with Flow Forming Technology. It offers the strength and lightness widely acceptable among International Motorsport enthusiasts. If you are craving for a quicker acceleration, faster breaking power, and more agile handling; Venom series is definitely your choice.

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