Offsets For The Win - Lenso Offsets Provide The Best Fit


One thing that sets Lenso apart is our large array of offsets. This has always been appreciated by the drift scene throughout Asia whether it's Skylines, Supras, 200 SX, or even Falcons and Commodores. People always ask us why Lenso's fit like a glove and part of the reason is a complete array of perfect offsets.

We have wheels made to spec for many different makes and models; from our latest Jager Marvin made specifically for the Landcruiser, to the various offsets of the Spec-E, Venom 3, and D1-R used widely on the drift scene, we have the perfect wheel for every car.

When you combine that customisation with the lightweight properties of the wheel and their exceptional strength, you can see why we keep our customers for life.

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