Refund and Return Policy

The buyer takes full responsibility for aftermarket products supplied to be of correct application and specification for all vehicles worked on.

All wheels must have performed fitment check on worked vehicle and are not returnable or refundable if tyres have been fitted to the wheels or mounted on vehicle

Any wheels returned by the buyer are subject to a 10% restocking fee and all wheels must be in new condition, packaged in original boxes with all original supplied accessories.

Unless otherwise agreed by seller, all returns should be made via the authorized sellers transport making the initial delivery and all returned goods must be accompanied by an itemized credit claim signed by an officer /employee of the buyer stating the reason for the return goods unless relevant invoice number (s) are quoted if any returned goods are damaged or destroyed on or prior to return sellers warehouse.

(a) All costs involved with wheels returned to the seller shall be the sole burden of the buyer unless otherwise agreed upon by the seller. Returned goods must have a freight fee paid for prior to being returned. Any goods returned without consent of the seller shall be kept in the sellers possession with no action taken until freight fees have been paid for. Any goods not accepted by the buyer from the courier may incur further delivery fees in accordance with courier resending fees.

(b) Wheels that have been fitted with tyres will not be accepted for return

(c) Wheels will not be accepted for return unless in original packaging

(e) 10% restocking fee applies on all orders cancelled by customer.

(f) If wheels have been driven on we cannot accept a refund as new wheels. A less amount may be offered if refund is agreed to. Also shipping costs will be paid to prior by the customer. The customer will have to wrap the wheels correctly to comply so there is no damage.

(g) If wheels have been modified or painted in any way shape or form they will be rejected and not be able for a refund or swap.